Biology Course

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Biology is the study of all about living organisms in general and life in particular.

The various goals and objectives of biology are

1. To understand ourselves better: Biology helps us to understand ourselves impacts us various knowledge

2. To produce more food:  The knowledge of biology has helped us to form new varieties of high yield plants, by adopting new techniques of hybridization and selective breeding etc. Similarly, the improved varieties of cattle and poultry are raised through the techniques of artificial insemination and selective breeding.

3.To maintain health  standard : Biology helps us to control various diseases which are caused due to germs or lack of some essential nutrients or due to malfunctioning of certain organs in the body. Biology makes man to keep himself healthy by adopting certain precautions or by the use of various medicines

4. Conservation of natural resources: The knowledge of biology makes us aware about the impending dangers of deforestation, industrialization, killing of wild life and contamination of air and water with industrial wastes and sewage. The conservation of natural resources is very necessary to leave them for future generation.

5. To solve problems of public health: Biology warns us about the environmental hazards caused by insanitation, disposal of town refuse and infected drinking water in cities and town and  enables us to learn our responsibilities to society in matters of public health and community.

6. Introducing biological occupations: Many career opportunities are associated for the students of biology to earn a living. These include medicine, forestry, druggist, entomologist, nursing and laboratory technician etc.

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