Biology and Life

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Life is a unique complex organization of molecules expressing it through chemical reactions which lead to growth,development,responsiveness,adaptation and reproduction. Biologydeals with the study of living things

Our body is a wonderful machine. It works on its own. It gets energy from the food we eat and it rests when we sleep .We have many different systems assigned to do specific jobs in our body. All these can be studied in Biology. Life on earth spansa multisplendorous spectrum. At one end is the tiny bacterium which is made up of a single cell. At the other end is our species, which is the most evolved animal, a marvel of multicellular organization. Even human beings which is made up of complex organ systems starts out as a single fertilized cell. The fundamental unit of all the organ systems is a cell and all the cells perform like a chemical factory. Their specific needs of raw materials and energy may be different and their finished products diverse, but their basic structure and style of functioning do not differ.

We can learn the exciting story of life through biology. Biology helps us to meet our needs by growing more food. It helps us to control various diseases which are caused due to germs or lack of some essential nutrients. It tells us the interdependence of plants and animals upon each other. So Biology and life are always interrelated.

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