Basic Biology

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Biology consists of two Greek words, bios means life and logos means-study. Biology is the study of all about living organisms in general and life in particular.

Today biology cannot be studied in isolation but it requires the knowledge of other branches of science likephysics, chemistry etc.

For example, the living organisms are made up of inorganic and organic substances and these substances move in and out of cells by diffusion and osmosis. Osmosis is a physical phenomenon where liquids move from region of higher concentration to the region of lower concentration through a semipermeable membrane. Soin order to understand the phenomenon of osmosis one must be familiar with the principles of diffusion of liquids and properties of membranes. This can be possible if one has the knowledge of bio-physics and bio-chemistry.

Similarly the protoplasm forms the basic component of all the living cells without protoplasm, the cell is considered to be dead. It consist of variety of organic molecules such as proteins,carbohydrates,vitamins ,fats etc. and to understand the chemical processes occurring inthe protoplasm of living organisms, the knowledge of chemistry is very essential.

The approach of studying biology has recently become multi-disciplinary and broad based than before. That is why the term life science is preferably used in place of biology in order to cover its wide scope.

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