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About AP

When preparing for college many high school students choose to take AP courses (Advanced Placement). These are college level classes taken for high school credit. Exams are taken at the end of the school year and the AP scores are determined by a panel of reviewers from participating high schools and colleges in the area.

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Our AP tutoring services are available to our students not only in preparation for the exams but also during the entire course of study. Our students have access to our online tutors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week What makes out AP tutoring services unique is that each session will focus on the precise subject matter and concerns of the student enrolled in the applicable AP courses. Rather than working on homework and study assistance for general high school studies our AP tutoring services offer a tightly focused approach to the specific AP course the student is enrolled in.

Our AP tutors are experienced college level professionals who offer each AP student a reliable and adaptable resource. Our one on one tutoring service allows for our tutors to customize the approach for the appropriate subject matter and learning style of each student.

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