Word Problems Algebra

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Word problems in Algebra are the questions which involve using the operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in order to analyze and evaluate the given situation. Word problems are the problems which give a daily-life situation and we should be able to figure out the answer by working through it step-by-step. It is very important to understand the given word problem before they are computed, because the entire math question is in terms of words, and they have to be translated to an algebraic form appropriately.

Example 1: Lindsey bought a crystal sculpture priced at $450. If she initially had $2000 in her bank account, then now how much is the balance in her account?

Amount Lindsey initially had in her bank account = $2000
Amount she spent on the crystal sculpture = $450
In order to find amount remaining in her bank account, we have to subtract the given two numbers.
Hence, amount remaining in her account = $2000 - $450 = $1550.

Therefore, present balance in Lindsey’s bank account = $1,550.

Example 2: In a box of coins, each coin weighs 3.2 grams. If there are 8 such coins in the box, then how much do all the coins weigh together?

Number of coins in the box = 8
Weight of each coin in the box = 3.2 grams
In order to find the weight of all the coins together, we can simply multiply both the numbers.
Hence, weight of all coins in the box = 8 * 3.2 grams = 25.6 grams

Therefore all the coins in the box weigh 25.6 grams!

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