Two Decimal Places

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Decimal numbers are the numbers of base 10 and these numbers contain a decimal point followed by digits. The digits written after the decimal point have their own place value and a decimal number with two decimal places is the number which contains two digits after the decimal point. Decimal numbers can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided and hence these operations can also be performed on decimalnumbers with two decimal places. Decimal numbers with many decimal places can also be simplified and rounded off to two decimal places if preferred.

Example 1: Write the given fraction, 76/20 in decimal form with two decimal places.

The common factor of 76 and 20 is ‘4’.

Dividing gives: (76/4)/ (20/4) = 19/5

When divided ‘19’ by ‘5’ we get the decimal number= 3.8

‘3.8’ is a decimal number with 1 decimal place since there is only 1 digit after the decimal point.

Hence to make it two decimal places, we put a ‘0’ next to 8

 3.80 and now it contains 2 decimal places.
Example 2:  Add the given two fractions 15/2 and 18/8 and write the answer in decimal form with two decimal places.

The above given numerical expression is written as: 15/2 + 18/8.

In order to add them, they need to have the same denominators and the LCM of 2 and 8 is ‘8’.

Now the fraction 15/2 is multiplied by ‘4’ up and down to get the common denominator.

This gives: (15* 4)/ (2* 4)= 60/8.

Now adding, 60/8+ 18/8= 78/8= 9.75

Here the decimal number 9.75 has two decimal places and hence it’s the answer!

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