Ratio and Proportion

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Ratio: It is a comparison between two different things.
Example: 23 or 2:3
Proportion:It is used to compare two ratios (equivalent fractions).
a: b :: c: d

Cross product is a x d = b x c
Here a & d are extremes and b &c are means.
  • A ratio is just a number with no units. For instance, the ratio of $6 to $2 is just 3, not $3.
  • Ratios like 6 to 1 can be considered as 6.
  • Ratios can be determined between the quantities of same units. For example, the ratio of $6 to 2 miles can’t be determined
Continued proportion is defined as the equality of three or more proportions.
1) Suppose p is the number of women and a is the number of men in a class.
(a) Find the women to men ratio?

Answer: p : a (or) p/a (or) p to a
(b) Find men to women ratio?

Answer: a : p (or) a/p (or) a to p
2) A and P together have $ 120. If 6 of A's amount is equal to 3 of P's amount, how much amount does P have?
(a) $ 40       (b) $ 120       (c) $ 80       (d) $ 60

Answer: c

Explanation: 6A = 3P

A:P = 1:2


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