Rate Ratio

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The definition of rate is the ratio between two different quantities. Ratio is the quantitative comparison between the given quantities. Therefore the rate ratio is where two different quantities are compared. Some examples for the rate ratio are Miles per hour written as miles/hour; kilometers per second written as km/sec; gallons per minute written as gallons/min. The rate ratio is used in many rate related problem in topics like algebra, calculus.  

Example 1: A 15 Oz of liquid costs 30 dollars. Find the rate ratio of the price per Oz of the liquid.

Given in the question; the amount of liquid = 15 Oz.

The total price for 15 Oz of liquid = 30 dollars

Therefore, the ratio of price per Oz = 30 / 15 = 2 dollars / Oz.

Hence the rate ratio for this question is 2 dollars / Oz.
Example 2: A person A can cover a distance of 12 miles in 3 hours. Another person B covers 15 miles in 3 hours. Find who travels faster.

A travels with the speed (distance per time ratio i.e. miles travelled per hour) = 12 miles/ 3 hours = 4 miles/ hours.

B travels with the speed (distance per time ratio i.e. miles travelled per hour) = 15 miles/ 3 hours = 5 miles/ hours.

Comparing the speeds, miles / hour ratio for A and B i.e. 4 miles / hour and 5 miles / hours gives B has greater speed.

Hence B has greater speed = 5 miles/hour.

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