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Poly means “many” and nomial means “terms”. All together polynomials are a combination of many terms. They are combined by using
Polynomials Combinations

Polynomials or NOT?
3xy² + 5x – 6y³ +9 It is a polynomial
Not Polynomials Combinations

Degree: The degree of a polynomial is the highest degree of its terms.
Example: Degree of the polynomial x2 y3+2x2+7x+8 is 5

Degree Polynomial Name
0 Constant
1 Linear
2 Quadratic
3 Cubic
4 Quartic
5 Quintic
Number of terms in a polynomial is 1ArrowMonomial (Example: 4ap3)
Number of terms in a polynomial is 2ArrowBinomial (Example: 3y2-8)
Number of terms in a polynomial is 3ArrowTrinomial (Example: 3p+5ax2+4)

Example: Select a polynomial from the following
(a)2/(x+2)       (b) 1/x       (c) -3p² +8/12 x       (d) 4ap(-3)
Answer: c
Example 1: Evaluate 3x3 +x2 -2x -4 at x= -2
Answer: Replace x with -2
3(-2)2+ (-2)2 -2(-2) -4
= 3(-8) + 4 + 4 -4
= -24 + 4
= -20
Example 2: Simplify 2x2 -5x +6 - x2 +7x -12
Answer: Combining like terms
 (2x2 - x2) + (-5x + 7x) + (6-12)
 x2 + 2x - 6

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