Linear Equations Examples

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A statement which shows that two quantities are equal is called an “Equation”. An equation containing only one variable or literal with the highest power 1 is called Linear Equation in that variable. The variable in the equation is known as the unknown. The method of finding the value of the unknown which makes the equation true, when we substitute in it , is known as solving the equation. The number which satisfies the given equation is called the solution or root of the equation. There will be only one root for a simple linear equation. If we graph the Linear Equation we will always a straight line. We should remember that the unknown variables in any Linear Equation cannot have

        Powers or exponents , like x ^ 4 or x exponent 4
         Cannot  be under the root sign , like sqrt (x)
         “y” times “z” or  “ a “ divided by “ b “ both are not allowed.

The real life examples of linear equation include

         Finding perimeters of squares of different length;
         Calculating the wage on hourly pay rate.
         Rate * time = distance.

Example 1: Solve 4x – 3 = 17


4x – 3 + 3 = 17 + 3             [Adding 3 on both sides of the equation we get]

4x = 20                                [Dividing by 4 we get]

x= 5

Example 2:  Solve x + 2 = 51


x + 2 – 2 = 51 – 2               [Subtracting 2 on both sides of equation we get]

x = 49 


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