Line Graph Worksheet

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A line graph may be a variety of charts that displays information such as a series of knowledge points connected by line segments. It's a basic variety of chart common in several fields. It is like a scatter plot except that the measuring point’s area unit ordered (typically by their coordinate axis value) and joined by line segments. A line chart is commonly accustomed to visualize a trend in knowledge over intervals of time – a statistic so the road is commonly drawn chronologically.

Using the Line chart answer the given questions

1) How much did Braiden read over all 5 days?

2) Which day (or days) did Braiden's amount read increase?

3) What is the difference in the amount Emalie read on Day 3 and the amount she read on Day 4?

4) Did Braiden and Emalie have any days that they read the same? 

Solution: 1)    On Day 1 he read 25 books + Day 2  he read 30 books +Day 3 he read 35 books +Day 4 he read 40 + Day 5 he read  20
books = Braiden read 150 books in 5 days.

2)    On Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 Braiden's amount read increased.

3)    Emalie read 40 on Day 4 and Emalie read 25 on Day 3 so the difference is 15.

4)    On Day 4 Braiden and Emalie read the same amount i.e. 40 books.

Example2: Draw a line graph to record the following temperature.

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