Learning Math

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Mathematics often looks like a collection of symbols. But Mathematics is logical. Learning Mathematics will enable us to use it in Engineering, Physics and Chemistry .All the major discoveries and inventions, theories and applications would never be possible without learning Mathematics. It is widely used in both Information Technology and Communication; .Accountants, Economists and Business people use it every day. Learning Mathematics is an just like adventure; there are always new things to discover and it will never cease to amaze us how neatly and beautifully it all fits together.

Example1: Alice went shopping on Saturday for a dress at a store where everything was on sale for 30% off the regular price. If the dress she bought had a regular price of $37.50 and the sales tax is 8%, how much did Alice pay for the dress on Saturday?


Amount she saved from the 30% off sale.

$37.50 × 0.30 = $11.25

Then the sale price will be   $37.50 - $11.25 = $26.25

Now, find 8% tax on $26.25

$26.25 × 0.08 = $2.10

Add the tax.

$26.25 + $2.10 = $28.35

Alice paid $28.35 for the dress she bought Saturday.

Example 2: Nancy is taking an online survey with 300 questions. She is able to respond to 15 questions per minute. How long will it take Nancy to complete the entire survey?


Let x = the amount of time

15 questions: 1 minute = 300 question: x

Cross multiply and solve for x

15 * x = 300 *1

So x = 20

Nancy will take 20 minutes to complete.

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