How To Solve Fractions

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A fraction is a quantity which is expressed part of the whole.
Example: - If a certain quantity of rice is divided into four equal parts, each part is to be one- fourth (1 / 4) of the whole quantity of the rice.
In a fraction a / b, a is called the numerator and b is called denominator of the fraction.
Therefore       Fraction = Numerator / Denominator

Thus in a fraction 7 / 11; numerator = 7 and denominator = 11

How to solve fractions
 Converting mixed fractions into improper fractions.
Multiply the integral part by the denominator and to this product, add the numerator. The result so obtained is the numerator of the required fraction.
The denominator of the required fraction will be the same as the denominator of the given mixed fraction.

Example: convert the mixed fraction 3  7/ 15 into an improper fraction.
Solution: -The required improper fraction = (integral-part x denominator + numerator)/ denominator.
                                                  = (3 x 15 + 7) / 15
                                                  = 52 / 15.
·  Converting unlike fractions into like fractions: -
Steps: -i) Find L.C.M.of the denominators of all the given fractions.
ii) Multiply numerator and denominators of each fraction by the same suitable number so that the denominator of each fraction becomes equal to the L.C.M. obtained in step (i).

Example: - Convert 3 / 7 and 4 / 5 into like fractions.

Solution: - L.C.M. of denominators 7, 5 and 3 = 105
Now, 3/7= (3x15)/ (7x15) =45/105
4/5= (4x21)/ (5x21) = 84/105


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