How To Do Percentages

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We can define percentage as a number or as a ratio which is a fraction of 100. In general, we can say percent is “per 100”. We can denote the percent by a symbol that is %. We can also say, percentages are used to express how small (or large) quantity related with large (or small). For example, we can read 20% as twenty percent. We can write this as (20/100).

We can find the percentage of a number by a formula that is

Percentage = (Given number/Total number) x 100.

Example 1: Find the percentage of math students out of 100 students if only 45 are from math department.

Solution:The total number of students = 100

 The number of students from math department = 45

Percentage of math students = (Number of math students/ Total number of students) x 100

 = (45/100) x 100

 = 45 %

Hence the percentage of math students is 45%.

Example 2: Find the percentage of baby boys in a hospital is out of 50 children was born, if only 27 are baby boys.
Solution:The total number of children born in hospital = 50

 The number of Children are boys = 27

Percentage of boy Children = (Number of Children are baby boys/ Total number of children born in hospital) x 100

 = (27/50) x 100

 = 27 x 2

 = 54%

Hence the percentage of baby boys is 54%.

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