How To Add Fractions

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Fractions are numbers which actually represents a part of number as a whole. They represents the part of any of the numbers given to us. We usually express the fractions like a/b where a is called as the top part or the numerator of the fraction and b is called as the bottom or the denominator of the fraction. ½, ¾, 6/7 are all the fractions
The following examples will show how to add the fractions.

Example 1:-Jamie and Sam together ordered 2 pies. Jamie had ¾ of the first pie and 1/3 of the second pie. How much part of the 2 pies did Jamie have?

Solution 1:-Jamie had ¾ of the first pie.

He had 1/3 of the second pie.

The total part of the two pies = ¾ + 1/3

To add these fractions, with two uncommon denominators, we find the least common denominator first.

The least common denominator of 4 and 3 is 12

¾ + 1/3 = 9 + 4/12 = 13/12

Hence Jamie had 13/12 part of the two pies.
Example 2:-Solve 9/5 + 6/5 + 12

Solution 1:-9/5 + 6/5 + 12

We have two fractions and one integer here.

The denominators in both the fractions are same, hence we add 9/5 + 6/5 as 9 + 6/5 which is equal to 15/5 and that can be simplified to 3.

Now the equation becomes 3 + 12 which is equal to 15.

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