How To Add And Subtract Integers

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Integers are all positive and negative numbers occur on a number line. A number line represents all the integers. So they are the negative and positive whole numbers. We do not include any fractions in the integers. So numbers like -3, -8, 0, 99, 345 are all integers and ¾, 7,33 and 45/87 are not considered as integers.   

The following examples will show how to add and subtract integers.

Example 1:-Sam had $15 and he went to the store and purchased a candy for $6. He met his friend there which gave him $5 which he borrowed from him. What is the total amount of money Sam now have?

Solution 1:-Sam had $15 in the beginning, he purchased $6 for a candy.

Total amount left with him is 15 – 6 = $9

He met his friend who gave him $5 back

Total amount he has now = 9 + 5 = $14

Hence total amount left with Sam is $14.

Example 2:-Jacky has $65 in his bank account, he purchased a cd player for $21 which he sold to his friend for $25. How much money does Jacky has now?

Solution 1:-The amount of money Jacky has in its account is $65

So the cost of cd player is $21

Amount left with him is 65 – 21 = $44

He sold it to his friend for $25

Total amount he has now = 44 + 25 = $69

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