Finding Percent

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Percent means out of hundred. For example if we say Twenty one percent that means twenty one is divided by one hundred. We can say that the percentage is a fraction in which the denominator is one hundred. Any value which is too calculated is divided by one hundred to find the percentage. The fractions, decimal and the percentage are associated with each other. All these are interchangeable. The fraction can be changed into decimal and the decimal can be changed into the percentage.

21% = 21/100, 85% = 85/100, 63% = 63/100, 17% = 17/100

Multiplying percentage is associated to find the percentage. When any fraction or decimal is multiplied by one hundred we get the percentage. i.e
(7/10)X 100 = 70%, (17/10) X 100 = 170%, (1/5) X 100 = 20%

The decimal number can also be converted into percentage by multiplying it by one hundred and then removing the sign of the percentage. i.e
0.13 X 100 = 13%, 0.56 X 100 = 56%, 0.81X 100 = 81%

When the cost of any item is doubled then two is multiplied by one hundred to get percentage and it is said the cost has been increased by two hundred percentages. When the cost of any item is reduced to half then half is multiplied by one hundred and it is said the cost has been decreased by fifty percent. i.e
C.P = 46
S.P = 92

Profit in percentage = (92 – 46) X 100 /46 = 100%

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