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Factoring Online calculator is an online tool which can be used to factorize the numbers, expressions and polynomials. It finds all the prime factors of the numbers. The expressions are to be solved by finding the common terms in the expressions. If the expressions have equal sign then it is called the equations. The equations are to be solved to find all the values of the variables.

Polynomials may be quadratic or having any degree of x. The polynomial which has two terms is called the binomial. Polynomials which have three or more terms are known as the polynomials. The quadratic equations can be solved by breaking the middle terms and by making the perfect squares. The online calculators or the tools are used to solve the complicated equations quickly and efficiently. The modern online calculators have only one window for the input and the output. The expressions for which the factors are to be found are entered into the input window. Let us take one example of factoring.

Example: - Let us have to factorize the square of the number 150 and 100.
Solution: - We have to find 150² - 50², to solve this problem, we can suppose one hundred and fifty is equal to x and fifty is equal to y. The following formula can be used to find the solution.

x² – y² = ( x + y ) ( x –y) , by plugging the value of x and y

150² - 50² = (150 + 50) (150 – 50), to add and subtract 50 from 150 is very easy. We get 200 and 100. The multiplication of the two factors is twenty thousand as shown below.

= 200 X 100 = 20000

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