Dividing Matrices

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Dividing matrices cannot do directly as usual division. Dividing matrices is similar to dividing mixed fractions. As we are doing in dividing mixed fractions find the inverse of divisor matrix and multiply with the matrix in the numerator. If A and B are two matrix then A/B = A (1/B) = A B-1.B-1 is the inverse of B. Actually we don’t divide the matrix; it can be done by multiplying with the inverse of matrix.

The following examples help you to understand the division of matrices.

Example 2: Explain the steps involved in matrix division.

Solution: Let us assume two matrixes are A and B

To divide two matrix B/A

We cannot divide the matrix directly

To divide matrix B/A, first find out inverse of A

And then multiply with matrix B.

The inverse of A can be found by swapping the position of matrix and divide everything by the determinant.

After finding the inverse of matrix B, multiply with matrix A.

While multiplying matrix we need to do the dot product of rows and columns.

The final matrix is division of B/A.

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