Dividing Fractions with a Whole Number

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Dividing fractions by a whole number is not a hard task to do. To divide a fraction with a whole number we need to follow some steps. First treat the given integer as a fraction by placing 1 in the denominator. Now turn over the denominator fraction and multiply with numerator fraction. Now multiply the numerators and place the product in the numerator. Also multiply the denominator and place the product in the denominator. Finally simplify the fraction to evaluate the result.
 The following examples show you how to divide fraction with a whole number.

Example 1: Divide (2/5) / 10

Solution: Here the given integer is 10

Make it as a fraction by pitting 1 in the denominator = 10/1

Now find the reciprocal for 10/1 = 1/10

Now multiply with the first fraction 2/5 * 1/10 = 2/50

Simplify it, divide by 2 on both sides 2/50 = 1/25

Example 2: Brandy cut 3 pieces of equal length using 1/2 of a yard of wood. How long was each shelf?

Solution: Divide the total length of wood by number of pieces

So, ½ divide by 3

Use division steps to divide ½ * 1/3 = 1/6

This fraction is in simplified form. 

The length of each wood piece = 1/6.

Note: there is another simple method that you can follow while dividing fraction with a whole number. That is, you can do by multiplying the whole number with the denominator of fraction.

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