Dividing Fraction Games

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Dividing fraction games is a tool which deals with the division of fractions in a gaming way. It involves the division of two numbers in this form a/b. The only condition in this case is that the value of b cannot be equal to zero; otherwise the result will become not defined.  In this tool, division problem are presented in such a way that user will enjoy solving the problems just like a game.
It can be better understood by the relevant examples. The relevant examples are shown below:- 

Question 1: Find out the value of unknown variable from the following parts given below: -
 A) 22/ b = 2 and    B) a/ 22 = 3

Solution: Given 22/b = 2/1

By cross multiplication, we get 22*1 = 2* b

Therefore, 22 = 2* b

Now divide both sides by 2,

22/2 = 2*b /2

11 = b

Therefore the value of b = 11

Question 2: If 4 pencils cost 8 $, then what will be the cost of two pencils.
Solution: Given 4 pencils cost 8 $

In this problem, first we need to evaluate the price of one pencil

Therefore, Cost of one pencil = 8/4 $ = 2 $   ----- equation  1

Now we have unit rate so we will evaluate the cost of two pencils.

Therefore, Cost of two pencils = 2 * Cost of one pencil

Cost of two pencils = 2 * 2$ (from equation 1)

Therefore cost of two pencils = 4 $

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