Convert To Mixed Number

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Convert to mixed number is a number which is written in the form of a whole number and a fraction. Mixed number is in the form of combination of whole number and a proper fraction. In everyday use, mixed numbers are better to understand.  There are various types of fractions. They are proper fraction, improper fraction and mixed number. Improper fraction can be converted into mixed number but a proper fraction cannot be converted. Improper fraction has numerator larger than it denominator.  In mathematics improper fractions are better than a mixed number when used in problem solving.

Example 1: Write the fraction 22/7 as a mixed number
Solution: To convert improper fraction into mixed number we perform division method
(Remember that we are not dividing the fraction)
Take 22 divide by 7, find out the quotient and remainder
When we divide 22 / 7 we get quotient = 3 and remainder = 1
Therefore, 22/7 = 3 1/7 is the mixed number.

Example 2: The winner of class president got 3/8 of the vote. If 200 students voted, how many students voted for the winner?
Solution: Vote he got = 5/8
Number of students = 100
To find the number of students voted for the winner, multiply the fraction of the vote he got and the number of students voted
Therefore, 5/8 X 100 = 500/8 = 125/2
Take 125 divide by 4, find out the quotient and remainder
We would get quotient = 31 and remainder = 1.
Therefore, 250/4 = 31 ½

From the above examples we understood method of converting to mixed fractions.

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