Convert Mixed Number To Improper Fraction

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Converting mixed number to improper fraction deals with fractions. Fractions are used to represent a part of the whole. The whole may be a single object says a pizza or group of objects. There are various types of fractions. They are proper, improper and mixed fractions. A fraction which is greater than one is called an improper fraction. In an improper fraction the numerator is always greater than the denominator. For example 5/2, 11/4….  A fraction which is a combination of a whole and a fraction is called mixed number. Here are some examples of mixed fraction 1 ½, 3 ¼ ….. In mathematics improper fractions are better than mixed number because mixed number is a little bit confusing when we write them down in a formula. But in everyday use, mixed numbers are better to understand.  

Follow the few steps to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction

1. Multiply the fraction’s denominator by whole number part
2. Add it with the numerator
3. Then write the result we got to the top of the denominator.

The explanation of the above can be clarified with the following examples:-
Example 1: Convert mixed number 5 ½ into an improper fraction.
Solution: Follow the above 3 steps:
First multiply fraction denominator by whole number part
Here whole number part is 5 and fraction is ½
So 2. 5 = 10
Then add it with the numerator 10 + 1 = 11
Write the result 11 on the top of denominator
Improper fraction = 11/2

Example 2: Convert mixed number 6 ¾ into an improper fraction.
Solution: Mixed number = 6 ¾
Follow the steps as explained
Multiply the denominator with whole number part and add it with the numerator.
So, 6. 4 = 24
24 + 3 = 27

Improper fraction = 27/4

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