Conditional Statement Examples

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Conditional statement examples involve solving problems using conditional equations. A sentence that is either definitely true or definitely false is called conditional statement. Conditional statement is an effective tool in Algebra. While working with conditional statements, identify the converse, inverse, and contrapositive. Then translate the verbal statement into symbolic form if needed.

The following examples illustrate the way of problem solving using conditional statements

Example 1:- If Allen travels for 4 hours at an average speed of 40 miles/ hour, how far did he travel?
Solution: From the statement we have,
Time taken to travel = 4 hours
Average speed = 40 miles/ hour
We have to find out the distance he travelled.
To find distance we use formula
Distance = Time. Speed
Distance = 4. 40 = 120 miles
Therefore the distance travelled by Allen in 4 hours is 120 miles.

Example 2:- If two angles are congruent then the measure of two angles are same.
Solution: Statement: If two angles are congruent then the angles have same measure.
Converse: If two angles have same measure then the angles are congruent.
If the converse is true then inverse is also true.
Inverse: If angles are not congruent then they do not have the same measure.
Contra positive: If angles do not have same measure then they are not congruent
In the above example all the above statements are true.

Example 3:- If m = 3n-1 = 33n+1, then value of m/n = -1/9?
Solution: To solve this equation follow the steps  
3n-1 = 33n+1
n - 1 = 3n + 1  (both sides having the same base )
-2n = 2
n = -1
Since n = -1, m =3n-1 = 3-1-1            (Substitute n= -1 )
3 -2 = 1/9   
Hence, m/n= (1/9) / -1 = -1/9

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