Algebraic Equations

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Algebraic equations are those expressions which consist of one or more variables. If we solve the equation we will get the value of the variable and if we put one variable value in the equation we will get the other variable that is present uin the equation. If the degree of the equation is one then it is an algebraic equation, if the degree of the equation is 2 then it is a quadratic equation, if the degree of the equation is 3 then it is a cubic equation and if the degree of the equation is more than 3 then it is called as a polynomial equation.

We can find out the nature of the roots of the equation with the formula b^2 – 4ac which is known as the discriminant. We can convert the word problems into the algebraic equations and then can simplify it to find the solution.
Let us discuss algebraic equations with some of the examples.

Example 1: A person has $20 in her  piggy bank how much he needs to buy a toy of $ 50?

Solution: Now let us consider the amount required by the person as ‘x’ then we can write the equation as 20 + x = 50, x = 30.

Example 2: If we multiply a number by 2 and add 8 then we will get 32 then find out the number.

 Solution: Let us consider the number as ‘x’. Using the given information we can write the algebraic equation as 2x + 8 = 32 if we solve then x = 12.

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