Algebra Terms

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Algebra terms are the variables and constants involved in the algebra, which are separated by the algebraic symbols such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Algebra terms can be linked with each other by the symbols of algebra. These terms can be positive, negative, fraction etc. Operations of algebra terms are governed by the PEMDAS.

The examples below will show the algebraic terms with algebra operations.

Example 1:Solve (4x -4y-4z) + (2z+2y+2x)

Solution: Now we need to solve it by the parenthesis,  

= 4x -4y-4z+2z+2y+2x

Now we have to separate the like terms and then we will write it together, we will get the following

= 4x+2x-4y+2y-4z+2z

= 6x-2y-2z

 Therefore on solving (4x -4y-4z) + (2z+2y+2x), we get 6x-2y-2z.

Example 2:Solve 2x/10 + 5x/10 = 3/10 + 5/10

Solution :-Given,

2x/10 + 5x/10 = 3/10 + 5/10

Now we have to solve the right hand side of the above equation, for this we need to take LCM on the right hand side

2x/10 + 5x/10 = (3+5)/10

2x/10 + 5x/10 = (8)/10

2x/10 + 5x/10 = 8/10

Similarly we have to solve the left hand side by taking the LCM on the left hand side

2x/10 + 5x/10 = 8/10

(2x+ 5x)/10 = 8/10

7x/10 = 8/10

Now to solve the above equation, we have to cross multiply the above, then we will get

(7x) x 10   = 8 x 10

7x = 8

Now to evaluate the value of x, we have to divide both sides of the equation by 7

7x/7 = 8/7

Therefore x = 8/7


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