Algebra Symbols

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Algebraic symbols are the symbols which join two or more algebraic terms in an algebraic expression. It can be addition, subtraction, multiplication and division etc. These are the four important symbols of algebra. And these are denoted as follows:-
Addition is denoted by ‘+’, Subtraction is denoted by ‘-‘, Multiplication is denoted by ‘x’ and Division is denoted by ‘/’

Example 1: (5x -12y-5z) + (4z+11y+2x)

Solution :- First we will begin by opening the parentheses,

= 5x -12y-5z +4z+11y+2x

Now we have to separate the like terms and writing them together, we will get the following

= 5x+2x-12y+11y-5z+4z


 Therefore on solving (5x -12y-5z) + (4z+11y+2x), we get 7x-y-z.

Example 2:Solve 2x/4 + 5x/4 = 3/4 + 5/4


2x/4 + 5x/4 = 3/4 + 5/4

Now we have to solve the right hand side, for this we need to take LCM on the right hand side

2x/4 + 5x/4 = (3+5)/4

2x/4 + 5x/4 = (8)/4

2x/4 + 5x/4 = 2

Similarly we have to solve the left hand side by taking the LCM on left hand side

2x/4 + 5x/4 = 2

(2x+ 5x)/4 = 2

7x/4 = 2

We can rewrite this as,

7x/4 = 2/1

Now to solve the above equation, we have to cross multiply the above, then we will get

(7x) x 1= 2 x 4

7x = 8

Now to find out the value of x, we have to divide both sides of the equation by 7

7x/7 = 8/7

Therefore x = 8/7


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