Algebra Games

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In algebra, we can play many games which involves numbers. We usually get these number games in the reasoning tests of many competitive exams where we have different kinds of problems which are based on these algebra games.

Example 1: Find the value of x in the below figure.

Solution: We can see the circle divided into 4 parts.

The number which is in the circle below the number 4 is 16

This means 4^2 = 16

The number which is in the circle below the number 5 is 25

This means 5^2 = 25

The number which is in the circle above the number 7 is 49

This means 7^2 = 49

In this manner we can write, x = 6^2 = 36.

Example 2: We have 3 consecutive special words, find the fourth word, what it will be?
A2K6       B3L8     C4M10

Solution:We know the given words are 4 letter words.

The first one is A2K6

The next word is B3L8, means

After A the letter B came, After 2 there is 3 and after K there is L and after 6 there is 8.

Next word, C4M10

After B the letter C came, After 3 there is 4 and after L there is M and after 8 there is 10.

In this way we can write the fourth number as

After C there is D

After 4 there is 5

After M there is N

After 10 there is 12.

Therefore, the final number is D5N12.

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