Algebra Equation

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Algebra equation is used to find the solution of algebraic equation. This tool is used to calculate the value of unknown variable by using the algebraic property, formulas and its rules. The complicated algebraic equation can be solved by this tool in a very less time. So this tool increases the speed of solving the equations.It can be explained and understood by taking the suitable problem and solving such to get the result. The similar relevant problems are shown below for the better understanding of the concepts of the algebraic equation.

Example 1:- Find x if (x+24)/2=20                         

Solution:-First of all we will solve the equation by the use of cross multiplication.



Now to solve this equation, we need to subtract 24 from both side of the equation, we will get,



X=16 is the required solution of the problem.

Example2:- Find x if (x+3)/2=4/3

Solution:- First of all we will solve the equation by the use of cross multiplication, we will get


3x + 9 =8

Now to solve this equation further that is finding the value of x , we need to subtract 9 from both side of the equation ,we will get.

3x+9 -9 =8 -9


3x = -1

Finally to get the value of unknown variable x, we need to divide the above equation by 3 both sides

3x/3 = -1/3

So x = -1/3

In this problem, x = -1/3 is the solution of the equation (x+3)/2=4/3

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