Algebra Answers

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Algebra answers are quite useful tool to evaluate the answers of the algebraic problems. This tool is so useful that it can calculate and solve the problems in no time. It uses general rules and formulas for finding or the interpretation of results. One need to understand the basics of algebra and also one should have command over algebra formulas and rules, and then only results can be calculated in an effective and in less time taking way.

This can be more clarified by taking suitable relevant problems and solutions.

Example 1:-Simplify √-9

We can use the rule for simplifying the square root for rewrite imaginary numbers. For solving the problem,
we should know the concept of imaginary number i and we should also be aware about its values.

We know that, square root of -9 = 3.3 which is approximately equal 3 (by neglecting negative sign)

= square root of 9 times square root of -1

= 3 times square root of -1, Here √-1= i, which is Imaginary number)

=3 i

So 3i is the most simplified form of √-9.
Example 2:- Simplify (i + 2i) (i)

In this case first we need to solve parenthesis and then we need to multiply that 


(i + 2i) (i) = (3i) (i) (by combining like terms)

 = 3i2
We know that the imaginary number,

The value of i2 = -1

 Therefore from above,

(i + 2i) (i) = 3i2

 = 3 (-1)

 = -3

Therefore -3 is the simplified form of (i + 2i) (i).


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