Algebra 2 Solver

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The algebraic expressions or equations can be solved following the rules of algebra. This tool is very efficient to solve the complicated problems. This solver uses step by step description of the problem with proper explanation. Algebra 2 solvers are just acting as an input output solver. It means that it requires only the input and it will generate output automatically. Not only this, it provides a solution but it also provides step by step procedure along with the proper explanations. That's why this tool is so efficient and easy to handle and easy to use.

Example 1:
Solve (2x -3y-7z) + (11z-12y+14x).

Solution 1:-
Now we begin by opening both the parentheses

= 2x-3y-7z+11z-12y+14x

Now we will separate the like terms and writing them together, so we have

= 2x+14x-3y-12y-7z+11z


Hence 16x-15y+4z is the solution of (2x -3y-7z) + (11z-12y+14x).

Example 2: 
(3x + 4y) (2x-11y).        
Solution 2:-
In this case, the absence of any sign between the parentheses invariably means multiplication.

 It means that the numbers in the first parentheses will multiply individually with all the numbers inside the 2nd parentheses.

Therefore the above expression can thus be solved as follows:

 (3x + 4y)(2x-11y)

= 3x X 2x + 3x X-11y +4yX2x +4yX-11y

= 6x² -33xy+8xy-44y² (-33xy and 8xy being like terms can be added together)

On further solving, it will become:-

=  6x²-25xy-44y²

Hence 6x²-25xy-44y² is the required solution of the problem (3x + 4y) (2x-11y). 

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