Algebra 2 Problems

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Algebra 2 problems always deal with the problem and the solution of the topics involved in Algebra 2 such as Linear equation, matrices, Quadratic equations, Radical functions etc. Algebra 2 problems are generally for practice purposes, but it also provides relevant hints as well proper solution of the problems.

The following examples show the use of linear equation in real world situations.

 Example 1:- After 5 years, Amir will be 4 times as old as he is now. Find present age.

Solution 1:-                               
Assume, Present age of Amir = x

After 8 years Amir Age =   x + 5

It is clearly given in the problem,

After 5 years Amir Age will be 4 times of his present age = 4x

 Therefore,  x + 5 = 4x

  5= 4xx

  5 = 3x  

  x = 5/3

Hence obtained, the present age of Amir is 5/3.

Example 2:- If the student is having $50 in total and he went to shop to buy pen cost of $10. How many pen he can buy.

Solution 2:-
Given, Student has total money = $50
Individual cost of pen = $10
Now here we have to find no. Pens which he can buy,
For this we have to divide the total amount of money by the individual cost of pen.
This step is shown below:-                           
Number of pen (worth of $10) he can buy with $50=

= Total amount of money/ Individual cost of pen
= 50/ 10
= 5
Therefore he can buy 5 pens with $50

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