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Algebra online helps in solving equations with easy steps. The equations involving only linear polynomials are called as linear equations. The highest power of the variable appearing in linear equation is 1.  Any value of the variable which when substituted in an equation makes its both sides equal is called a solution of the equation.

To solve an equation we need to follow two permissible rules. They are:
·         Addition – Subtraction Rule
·         Multiplication – Division Rule
We use linear equation, an integral part of arithmetic, during our day today life. In real, we express the situation in terms of words. These words can be translated in terms of mathematics.

This can be easily understood by taking the separate sentences

Example 1:- Write equation for the following statement.
12 exceeds a number x by 3

Solution 1:- 
From the statement 12 exceeds a number x means

 12 is the greatest number and x is smallest one and their difference is 3

 Hence, the equation is 12 – x = 3  
Example 2:- The ratio of two numbers is 7: 4. The difference between the two numbers is 21. Find the numbers.

Solution 2:-
Since the ratio of the two numbers is 7: 4, we may take one number to be

7x and the other to be 4x.

The difference between two numbers is 7x – 4x. This difference equals 21.

So, we get     7x – 4x = 21

3x       = 21                       (Divide by 3 on both sides)

3x/3 = 21/3

x        = 7        

Since the two numbers are 7x and 4x

 One number = 7x= (7 x 7) = 49

Other number = 4x= (4 x 7) = 28. 

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