Algebra 1 test

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This test has been designed to solve various algebraic expressions and algebraic equations. The test involves examples followed by questions of the similar type of practice. We believe these tests would provide adequate practice to the students to solve algebra related problems up to a particular level.  Not only this, this tool also provides feedback report as well as after test, it also provides relevant answers to the problems.

This can be more understood by taking two test questions and their solution as well.

Example 1: If the cost of 20 books is $400, find the cost of 12 such books.

 Solution: - The cost of 20 books is $400

To find: - We have to find the cost of 12 such books.

Let the cost of 1 book be ‘x’

Cost of 20 books would then be (20) x= 20x                    … (1)

But according to the question cost of 20 books is 400  ... (2)

Now from the equation (1) and (2), we will get


Dividing both sides by 20

20x/20 = 400/20

x= 20, which is the cost of the 1 book

Therefore the cost of 12 books = 12(x) = 12 x 20 =$240.

Example 2:- Simplify

(10x²-5x +11) – (6x²-12x+15)

Solution 2:-
To simplify the above equation, first of all we need to open the parentheses and then we need to distribute the negative sign in the 2nd parentheses.



= 4x²+7x-4.

Therefore 4x²+7x-4 is the solution and the simplified form of (10x²-5x +11) – (6x²-12x+15).

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