Algebra 1 Study Guide

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Algebra 1 study guide is used to solve the problems related to algebra 1 topics. It involves various such as exponents, linear inequalities, quadratic equations, radical expression, rational expression, etc.  This tool provides the detailed description about the steps involved. It also tells about the relevant formulas used. This study guide basically helps in understanding the typical questions as well as the methods to solve these types of typical questions.

This can be more illustrated in scope clarity by taking suitable examples. The examples are as follows:-
Question 1:- Solve for x if 16 = x2.

Solution 1:- We can rewrite this in this way,

x2 = 16                  ------equation 1

We know that,

16 = 4 * 4 = 42        ------equation 2
Now by comparing equation no. 1 and equation no. 2, so we will get the following:- 

x2 = 16 = 42

That is x2 = 42

So by comparing, we find that x =4

So x = 4 is the answer to the above problem
Question 2:- Find x if 2x+ 3 = 10

Solution 2:-

 To find: - the value of unknown variable x

From given equation, 2x+3 = 10               ------ equation 1

In equation 1, to find the value of x, subtract 3 both sides, we will get

                                         2x + 3        - 3 = 10-3

                                         2x = 7

Now the last step to check the value of x is, we need to divide both sides by 2, we will get

    2x/2 = 7/2

     x = 7/2 = 3.5

Therefore, x = 3.5 is the solution.

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