Algebra 1 Review

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Algebra is a branch of Mathematics in which symbols, usually letters of the English alphabet are written along with the numbers to represent an arithmetic expression or equation depicting a relation. Algebra 1- Review provides a very effective tool in solving mathematical problems by representing unknown quantities in the form of a symbol or letter of the English alphabet(x, y, z etc.). There can be one or more unknowns in an equation, but each unknown is represented by a different letter. An algebraic expression has a collection of numbers and letters separated by the +, -, x or ÷ operators.

If the highest exponent on the variable in the algebraic equation is 1 it is said to be linear equation.

Example: Solve 4x + 7 = 11

Solution: - Equation is:-

4x + 7 = 11

In this equation now to find the value of x, first we have to subtract 7 from both sides,


4x + 7- 7 = 11- 7

4x + 0 = 4

4x = 4

Now in the last step to find the value of x, we have to divide both sides of the equation by 4

 4x/4 = 4/4

 x = 1

So x =1 is the solution of the above equation.
Example 2:- Solve 2x + 5 = 25

Solution 2:-  Equation is 2x + 5 = 25

Similarly in the above equation we need to subtract 5 from both sides of the equation and then we have to divide by 2.

2x + 5 = 25

2x + 5- 5 = 25-5

2x = 20

x = 10.

So x =10 is the solution of the above equation.

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