Graphing Linear Equation Online

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Graphing Linear equations online involves graphing equation in slope intercept form. On graphing linear equations, there are few methods to solve it. The most appropriate form of equation is slope intercept form. This form is the easiest form to get intercepts for the graph. This graph gives visual representation of a line and solution of the equation. There are various methods for graphing linear equations. One of method is by finding x and y values that satisfy the equation and other method using slope and y-intercept.

These are examples that explain two methods of graphing linear equations.

Example 1:-

Draw graph of the equation:  y = ½ x + 2

Solution 1:-

y = ½ x + 2

First of all let us start with assuming any 2 values of x

Now find the values of y by substituting the values of x

If value of x = 1 the y = ½ (1) + 2 = 2.5        (x, y) = (1, 2.5)

If value of x = 2 then y= ½(2) + 2 = 3            (x, y) = (2, 3)

Now plot these points x and y in the graph

This method clearly shows the method of graphing linear equation by finding x and y values.
Example 2:-

Graph equation y = ½ x + 2 using slope and y intercept.

Solution 2:-

y = ½ x + 2

From the given equation

Slope = ½ and y-intercept = 2

Y-intercept is the point where the line crosses (intersect) y axis

So the coordinate at that point is (0, 2)

Now use the slope to find out next point on graph

We know slope = change in y axis / change in x axis

Here slope = ½
So we have to move 2 units right in x- axis and 1 unit up in y – axis

Draw line through these points

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