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Definition of Algebra:

Algebra is about finding the unknown variables, if we describe it in simple form. It describes the relationship between the things with respect to time. These are expressed using algebraic terms, expressions and equations.

Boolean Algebra:

It deals with the truth values 0 and 1 which indicates false and true respectively. The basic Boolean operations are AND, OR and NOT which are also called as Conjunction, Disjunction and Negation (or) complement.

Boolean Algebra
Algebraic term:
It contains numbers and variables.
numbers and variables
Algebraic Expressions:
It contains a group of algebraic terms.
Example: - 4pq +12pqr
Algebraic Equations:
Two Expressions, or an expression and a variable separated by an “equal to sign” is called as an equation. We will solve for one unknown variable in such equations.
Example 2: 5x + 7 = 9

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