What is ACT test

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ACT, also known as American College Testing is a standardized and recognized test taken by high school students who plan to continue their academics in colleges and universities after high school in the United States. ACT test scores reflect the student’s understanding of the concepts learnt till high school. The test is designed such that it examines the student’s capability to study college level courses once enrolled in a college or a university. The test paper consists of 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. Along with these 4 sections, students have the choice of taking even the Writing section if they prefer to get scores even in writing. In ACT, the questions given are multiple choice questions except for the writing section and students should pick the right answer among the given set of options.

The English section is of 45 minutes duration and consists of 75 questions. Students should answer questions on organization of sentences, punctuations, usage of verbs, pronouns etc. The Mathematics section is of 60 minutes duration and consists of 60 questions. The questions are generally asked from the math topics learnt at high school such as Algebra, Plane Geometry, and Coordinate Geometry etc. The Reading and Science section both are of 35 minutes duration each and consist of 40 questions in each section. Students are tested in their skills to understand and interpret the meaning of the given passages. The optional writing section consists of a topic on which the students must express their point of opinion appropriately. 

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