The ACT Test

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ACT is an abbreviation of American College testing and is an exam taken by high school students to study in the colleges and universities in the United States. Good ACT scores are recognized everywhere and it becomes easy for a student to learn college level courses. The ACT test examines the student’s knowledge in 4 subject areas, English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. Students taking ACT plus Writing have to also work on their writing skills. This test contains multiple choice questions except for writing section and students must pick an answer from the given options. It is recommended for students to answer easy questions first and little difficult questions later in order to finish on time.

English section contains 75 questions and students have to answer them in 45 minutes time. This section measures the grammar and rhetoric skills of the student. Mathematics section consists of 60 questions and the time given for this section is 60 minutes. This means that the student must answer each question in no more than a minute to get a good score. The Reading and Science section each contain 40 questions and 35 minutes time is given to answer questions in each section. It measures the comprehension and reasoning skills of the student and the ability to evaluate and interpret the meaning of the given information. The optional Writing test consists of a topic or an issue where students have to present their point of view on the given subject. 

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