The ACT Exam

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The ACT exam is a standardized and recognized exam taken by high school students from different parts of the world to gain admissions in the colleges and universities in the United States. The ACT exam is designed such that it prepares students for their college life with college level courses. To be able to handle college level academics, students must first be able to get through the basic level concepts and therefore ACT exam helps in analyzing the academic knowledge of the student. ACT test paper consists of 4 important sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. For those colleges which prefer student’s ACT scores along with their writing score, there is an additional option called ACT plus Writing where students can take the writing test as well.

The ACT exam does not contain highly difficult or complicated questions. Hence students should not waste time by studying complex topics. To get a good ACT score, basic knowledge of each subject is very important. For English or reading section, it is important that the student knows good grammar, proper usage of mechanics like punctuations, sentence clauses etc. For Mathematics or Science section, students must have good reasoning and problem-solving skills. Since limited time is given to answer each question, students must work on them quickly. In the Writing section, students are supposed are to write a meaningful essay on a given particular topic clearly stating their point of view on the issue. Therefore it’s important for the student to practice these skills to do well in the exam.

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