Studying for the ACT

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Studying for the ACT can be simple and interesting for a high school student who later wishes to study in a college or in a university. The main purpose of the ACT exam is to prepare a student in an academic way to be able to later handle college level courses. Hence colleges prefer ACT scores so that they get an idea about the academic knowledge the student has learned. ACT test paper contains 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. ACT plus Writing is an additional option students can take if they want their ACT scores along with the Writing score. These sections, except writing section contain multiple choice questions and students should pick the right answer from the given set of options.

To get good ACT score in the English section, students must improve their grammar skills. For mathematics section, it can be helpful if students prepare a list of math formulas so that it helps them remember the concepts and the possible related questions. Reading section consists of comprehension passages and students must answer the questions based on those passages. The questions are simple however, they test the student’s ability to make comparisons, to locate and understand significant details, to interpret the main idea etc. Science section also tests the student’s logical and reasoning skills in science related topics. For students taking the writing test, they must focus on their writing skills so that their essay presents their point of opinion on the given topic and also looks meaningful.

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