Science ACT Test

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ACT test is taken by high school students to gain admissions in colleges and universities. ACT test consists of 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science reasoning. Science is one of the important sections in the ACT exam and students are given multiple choice questions on science related topics and they must select an answer from the given set of options. For this section, 35 minutes time is given and students should answer 40 questions in this time period. This clearly implies that each question gets less than a minute time of the student and hence they should work on the questions quickly. The topics included in this section are from physics, chemistry, biology and Earth/space sciences, however the questions are not based on difficult or higher level concepts.

In order to get good scores in the science section of the ACT test, students should know science related topics learnt up till high school. The main purpose of ACT Science test is to examine a student’s reasoning and problem-solving skills in natural sciences. By studying for ACT science, students will be prepared to take up college level courses in their education and therefore, students must work on their analysis and reasoning skills to get good score in the test. The test contains science related information and questions are asked in various forms such as graphs, tables, research summaries etc. The main task for the students is to recognize and understand the given information and answer the questions based on its concept.

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