Price of ACT Test

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ACT, also know a s American College testing is the student assessment test taken by high school students who want to continue their education in colleges and universities in the United States. ACT test is conducted many times a year in different locations, and students can take the test by paying the appropriate fee. The ACT test paper consists of 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science reasoning. In these sections, there will be multiple choice questions and students have to select their answer from the given options. Along with these 4 sections, some colleges and universities prefer students to have their writing score as well with the general ACT score. Hence there is an additional Writing option for students who wish to take the Writing section as well.

ACT test price is $36.50 and this includes giving the result to the student, giving result to the respective high school of the student, and also sending the ACT scores to the desired 4 college choices of the student. Additionally, if the student prefers to take the the Writing test along ACT test, then it would cost and extra $16.00. Therefore the total test price for ACT plus Writing is $52.50. Along with this, if the student makes some changes like changes the test date or changes the test center, etc. then there will be additional service charges added to the test fee. Students can create an account and register on the website for further information.

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