Plan ACT Test

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ACT exam is a standardized test recognized by all the colleges and universities throughout the United States. ACT test contains four multiple choice sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science reasoning. These four sections test the academic knowledge of the student in the basic concepts of the given subjects. There is also a Writing section for students who would like to get their ACT score plus writing.  In the Writing section, students have to write an essay about a given particular issue or a topic in 30 minutes. In order to do well in the 4 main sections, students should particularly focus on each subject and must improve their subject skills accordingly.

For the English and Reading section, students have to concentrate on improving their grammar and rhetoric skills. Questions are usually asked in usage/mechanics where students must answer questions on punctuations, sentence clauses, proper usage of verbs and pronouns etc. Reading comprehension has some questions on each passage and students have to answer those questions appropriately. In the Mathematics section, students are given multiple choice questions on basic concepts from topics like Algebra, Plane geometry, and Coordinate geometry, Elementary Trigonometry etc. Questions in this section test the logical and conceptual knowledge of the student. Similarly the science section tests the student’s knowledge in science related concepts. Time given for every section in ACT exam is very limited. Hence students must answer questions keeping track of time and should be able to work on them quickly.

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