How to Prepare for ACT

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ACT test paper consists of 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science Reasoning with an optional Writing section. Each section consists of multiple choice questions with 5 answer choices, and students must pick the right answer from the given options. In ACT, there is no negative penalty for a wrong answer, and this implies that students don’t have to worry about points being deducted from the existing score for a wrong answer. This also gives them the chance to guess any answer if they are not absolutely sure about it. Students are given a very limited time to answer questions in every section, and therefore to get good scores it is recommended to practice at home, answering questions in less than a minute.

Preparation for ACT requires learning and improving conceptual knowledge in the subjects. It is important to first understand the basic concepts and hence should be able to exactly comprehend what the question is asking for. For English and Reading sections, students must focus on their English grammar skills and should observe sentence organization, structure and strategy. For the Mathematics section, students can prepare a formula sheet of all the important formulas learnt till date. By daily practicing and understanding those formulas, it will help them know when to exactly use them. Science Reasoning section consists of passages, and understanding those passages and the given information makes it easier to answer the questions. In the Writing section, students should use good grammar and sentences to write a meaningful essay on the given topic.

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