How to Pass the ACT

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ACT test is a recognized test in the United States and high school students take this test to showcase their academic capability and their readiness to start their college life. ACT test examines a student’s logical and conceptual knowledge in 4 subjects and good scores in these sections displays the student’s ability to take on college level courses. Therefore most colleges and universities accept and recognize these scores as it helps them make a decision regarding a student’s selection. In order to get good scores, students should learn and improve their basic concepts in a subject. ACT test paper consists of 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science Reasoning. Some colleges also prefer student’s writing scores and ACT offers an optional Writing section and students have the choice to take it.

To do well in the English section, students should improve their grammar and rhetoric skills such as punctuations, verb-pronouns usage, sentence structure etc. The organization of a sentence, tone of voice of the author etc. are the few important things students must focus on. For the Mathematics section, students should practice math questions from various topics learnt in their high school or in other lower grades. It is important to know how to use the math formulas and should also practice answering them in a limited time. Reading and Science sections consist of questions based on the given passages, so students should be able to comprehend and relate the given passage to the question.

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