ACT Writing Test

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ACT, also known as American College Testing is the student assessment test taken by high school students to get into good colleges and universities in the United States. ACT exam consists of 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science reasoning. There is an optional Writing section which the students can prefer if they want their ACT scores including their writing score. ACT writing test is for 30 minutes time span. In the Writing section, the students are given a topic or an issue and there will be two points of view on that issue. Students have to write an essay by understanding the given issue and by supporting any one point of view in the given options or can also present their own point of view.

In this writing test, students have to first properly understand the given topic and should think about which perspective they support. ACT writing test is only for 30 minutes and it measures student’s skills in writing and their ability to present their opinion in a soft convincing way. The reader should be able to understand the explanation or the point of view of the writer, and hence the student should put forward their point of opinion in a very clear and logical way. Vague statements can leave the reader confused about the issue, and hence students must try to use precise words and good sentence structures so that the essay contains good organization of thoughts and ideas.

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