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ACT, also known as American College Testing is the assessment test for high school students who want to gain admission in the colleges and universities in the United States. During the admission process for a student into a college, ACT scores help the colleges in recognizing the academic knowledge of the student. In order to be pay the fee for ACT there are different methods. However, the fastest method is the online method where students can create an account for free on the ACT website and can check out all the further information regarding paying the fees, instructions for the test etc. ACT website is the official student website where lots of information is given regarding the test pattern, time availability, test dates etc.

The official ACT student website is In this website, students can look at some of the practice questions for ACT exam, and can find out lots of information regarding the test format, test prices etc. In order to pay the fee for the ACT test, students can first register online for free on ACT official website and can create their account and complete the registration process by simply following the instructions shown on the website. ACT exam is given including and without including the Writing section. So students who prefer to get their scores including the Writing section can pay few additional dollars including the usual test fee. Therefore, students can look at different options available to them by registering on the website.

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