ACT Study Tips

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ACT exam is an abbreviation of American College Testing and it examines high school student’s capability and their academic knowledge before they enter colleges or universities. ACT test scores help the students gain admission in their desired colleges as good ACT scores is one of the factors which make their selection little easy and simple. ACT test paper consists of 4 main sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science reasoning. ACT test also includes the Writing section, since some colleges and universities prefer ACT plus Writing score to examine the student’s academic knowledge.

The English section consists of two main categories where the first category tests on usage/mechanics and questions are asked on the appropriate punctuations, grammar usage, sentence structure etc. The second category tests on rhetoric skills where strategy used for a given topic, organization of ideas, tone of voice in the given essay etc. are questioned and hence students should practice them accordingly. In the Mathematics section, students are required to know basic formulas in math and should also know how to use the formulas to get the right answer. Hence one of the study tips while preparing is that students can prepare a small convenient chart on which they can write all the formulas studied from all the math topics so that by constantly looking at them, it gives them an idea of the situations where they can use them. The Science section measures the student’s reasoning skills and hence by understanding and analyzing science concepts, one has to be able to get a good score.

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